Monday, December 17, 2007

Neglect of a Pet Pig in Minnesota

According to a report on L.A.'s (here), a woman in Minnesota named Michelle Schmitz is pursuing charges against another women with whom she entrusted her pot-bellied pig named Alaina Templeton (left). Apparently while in the other woman's care the pig grew from 50 pounds to 150 pounds. I'm not sure why one would expect a pig not to grow, but apparently that isn't really the issue here, for the pig-sitter left the pig's collar on, which wound up embedded in its neck, requiring surgical removal. The pet-sitter is facing a charge of animal neglect and a claim from Schmitz for the resulting $1,000 veterinary bill.

Speaking of neglect, as hopefully someone has noticed, I've fallen quite a bit behind on this blog in the last couple of weeks. Things have been a bit crazy, suffice to say. I'll try to make some progress here now that I'm finally approaching the end of the semester. Just in time for the holidays and the joys (believe it or not) of sporadic internet access. More soon, then...

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Blogger coozledad said...

My wife and I own three pot-bellied pigs. One of them resembles Alaina Templeton, but is a male. He is what we now understand to be a half potbelly, half Johnson County, North Carolina Hog cross. Apparently there is a famously unethical breeder there who's been passing these off for decades. Our two others are true Vietnamese potbellies- very shy, small, nearly feral in fact. All of them are discarded animals . The Two potbellies were found roaming around the downtown Charlotte area.
The much smarter, and more devious hog cross is a refugee from a couple of abysmal Cary lawyers' ploy to get free local advertising. They move into cities with covenants against such animals, and wage a public fight to hang on to their "beloved" pig. Pictures get put in the local paper free of charge. When the brouhaha dies down, they dump the animal at a shelter.
A slow, painful death is too good for these people.

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