Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Giant Peccary, Found at Last!

My surfing pal Sean, while recovering from a recent and painful stingray bite (I guess it's really a sting, hence the name), found a Daily Mail article for me about the recent discovery of a new species of "giant wild pig" (actually a Giant Peccary) in Brazil. You can read the article here. Skin and bones from this animal were brought to a Dutch biologist, Marc van Roosmalen, who has subsequently caught the animal on film. Interestingly, the existence of this animal was somewhat known. Locals had a name for it ("Caitetu Munde," which means "great peccary which lives in pairs") and it was mentioned in an early 20th century account of the Amazon (titledĀ White Gold) by a rubber-industry worker named John Yungjohann. Regardless, please join me in officially welcoming the Giant Peccary!

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