Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Le Cochon Danseur

Here is a wonderful and strange film from 1907, the Pathé short "Le Cochon Danseur." According to the IMDB it should be about four minutes long; someone has edited the YouTube version down to these key moments, I suppose. I've been watching a lot of early American films lately for my cultural history course and was glad I found this one. Enjoy. For those of you fluent in French, there is a brief wikipedia article about the film here.

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Blogger Erik Loomis said...

How are you finding these films?

This is awesome by the way. I am so showing this to begin my classes for the rest of the week.

6:28 PM  
Blogger dBm said...

I found this one completely by accident as I was going through some history blogs for another class. It's been linked to a number of times lately. I've been using a lot of the Edison films at the Library of Congress in class--the link is:
There is also a ton of stuff on YouTube, including a nice set of kinetoscopes that went along nicely with a Daniel Czitrom article I've taught. See:

3:12 PM  

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