Friday, April 13, 2007

Foodies with Pig Tattoos

Back in 2005 an article appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle about local chef John Stewart, who has the logo of Mario Battali's father's Seattle cured meats store Salumi tattooed on his forearm. Stewart is the co-owner and co-chef of Zazu in Santa Rosa and Bovolo in Healdsburg, both in Sonoma County. Carol Ness' article "Going Whole Hog" is one of many that chart the recent revival of interest in cured meats. For my readers in the Bay Area, it includes a list of places to get interesting artisan salumi. The photo at right of Stewart's arm and some of his meats that accompanied the article was taken by Craig Lee.

Other chefs and pork afficionados have pig-related tattoos. In fact, I found the article about John Stewart through the blog A Full Belly, which had a piece about a guy named Aaron's tattoos of a pig and a daikon radish. Perhaps the wildest chef tattoo is inside the lip of chef Jill Baron of Chicago. It appeared in a New York Times Magazine essay on chef tattoos back in 2005 and can be seen here.

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Blogger Matt said...

That tattoo is awesome. It is what I wanted to do with my original tattoo idea, but I decided to change it slightly to be more in line with another love of mine - the Simpsons. I have photos of what I came up with here:

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