Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Xiang Xiang's "Song of Pig"

Louisa Lim's excellent NPR story of February 6th concluded by mentioning a song by 21-year-old pop star Xiang Xiang that has been downloaded over a billion times. Her "Song of Pig" boasts (in translation, of course) the following lyrics:

Pig, you have two holes on your nose
When you catch cold, you are snorting
Pig, you have black eyes which we cannot see beyond
Pig, you have two big ears
And you cannot hear that I'm cursing you silly
Pig, you have a curling tail which you cannot run without
Pig head, pig brain, pig body and pig tail
You are a good baby who eats everything
Everyday you won't wake up till noon
And you never brush your teeth and you never fight

If you'd like to hear this song for yourself, try this link. There is a BBC article on Xiang Xiang and the internet as a distribution mechanism here.


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