Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hog-Calling Contests

I've found it surprisingly difficult to find information about the world of hog calling contests. There are several sites dedicated to world champion callers, including 1999 World Champion Bob Wood and 2-time World Champion Roxanne Ward (pictured at right with her potbellied pig Oscar). Apparently almost anyone can learn to call hogs. As Ward notes, "To be a good hog caller, you gotta love pigs and appreciate how much fun they are.” I can't find any MP3 files of Ward's call, which has helped her win upwards of 25 contests, but you can find Leonard Emmanuel's 1975 call here as part of the excellent Phonoanomalies: A Totally New Recording for Hi-Fi Bugs compilation (via WFMU). Interestingly Wood is from Oklahoma and Ward is from Texas. I guess I would've expected champion hog callers to be from Iowa...


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