Thursday, January 11, 2007

Roald Dahl's "The Three Little Pigs"

In the little spare time I've had in the past few days here in Coral Springs, Florida, I've tried to find out a few things about the history of the "Three Little Pigs" stories, which exist in numerous versions. While the jury is still out about their origin, I've found a lot of cool versions, such as this digitized version of the "Well Loved Tales" children's book from which today's image comes. You can read along as you flip through the images on this site, which is quite nice...

I think my favorite variant for now is that of Roald Dahl, from his 1982 Revolting Rhymes. You can find a version of it here. It begins with this lovely stanza:
The animal I really dig,
Above all others is the pig.
Pigs are noble. Pigs are clever,
Pigs are courteous. However,
Now and then, to break this rule,
One meets a pig who is a fool.
Dahl's 1959 poem "The Pig" is also quite worth scrutiny. You can find a version of it here on the interweb, but it also appears in Kiss Kiss (1960).


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