Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Disturbing Video from Nike

My colleague Cris Hernandez shared a strange and disturbing video from Nike with me. It features a pig who is having nightmares about being roasted on a spit or turned into sizzling bacon. While that part of the flash animation makes sense--it seems fair to assume that pigs wouldn't want to be killed and eaten--the next scene does not. The pig finds himself on a conveyor belt, where he's squashed flat and blown up into a football, which flies through a clear blue sky towards the uprights. This time the pig is smiling in his sleep at this presumably sweet dream. You can see this for yourself here (you'll find the pig video on the far right of the Nike "Show Some Love" screen) or here (via iFilm). My earlier post on footballs as pigskins can be found here.

By the way, if you'd like to watch some of the cartoons mentioned in my posts from last week, you can find links posted by Axis of Evel Knievel's David Noon in the comments section. Thanks, man...

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