Friday, November 23, 2012

PIG on Facebook

I have created a page for PIG on Facebook that you can find here. I tend to update it more often than this blog, reflecting the pernicious way that Facebook has managed to become a central hub of our on-line existence. I know a lot of people who seem to be able to constantly update blogs, Tumblrs, Twitter feeds, etc. but I am clearly not one of them. So, if you are a Facebook user, feel free to find, like, and follow PIG there as well. Thanks.

Pigs & Pork in China

My friend Lisa notified me about this recent PBS Newshour feature (here) on the challenges faced in satisfying China's growing demand for meat. In this eleven-minute documentary, Mary Kay Magistad looks at China's efforts to feed a growing urban population that associates meat eating with prosperity but simultaneously demands inexpensive pork. The resulting pressures on the environment, combined with public concern for the safety of their food, has put meat producers and the government in a tight spot. Highly recommended if you are interested in pigs and pork and development in China.

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