Sunday, December 11, 2011

Swimming With Pigs in the Bahamas

I have occasionally blogged about swimming pigs, but they seem to be back in the news, as several colleagues sent me links to a recent video on Huffington Post about a beach known as "pig beach" on Big Major Spot Island. There were several 2009 articles about this phenomenon, including one in the Telegraph (here). The chance to swim with these pigs has proven so alluring that it is now included in official Bahamas tourism information (here) where this image appeared. If you'd like to see video, there are several YouTube options taken by vacationers staying at or near the the Staniel Cay Yacht Club, which is close to Big Major Cay in the Exumas. Check out this one (where the pigs are lured by the promise of apple cores) and this one in which the pigs swim out to a boat looking for food but are left to fend on their own. 



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