Monday, January 07, 2008

Beer Drinking Pigs

Just in time for tonight's BCS National Championship football game, which brings together pigskin and beer, a number of links to articles about pigs that enjoy drinking beer. Thanks, I think, to my student Colin for all of these. Here goes:

Beer Drinking Pigs at the Mt. Pellier Domino Club, St. Croix (here). One of the pigs can be seen at left.

Training an Apprentice Beer Drinking Pig in Tasmania (here).

Finally, there is grainy amateur video of a pig drinking beer by crushing a can of beer in its mouth here. I'm not sure where this was taken, but in some ways it seems like the setup in St. Croix.

Once again, providing the latest and greatest in porcine news...

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Friday, January 04, 2008

Meatpaper Magazine

I've been cleaning out the e-mail inbox lately while stranded on break in Florida and remembered that Mr. Sidetable had forwarded me an article from the New York Times that I hadn't gotten around to reading during the end of the semester craziness. The article (here) by Oliver Schwaner-Albright was about a new magazine, Meatpaper: Your Journal of Meat Culture. I haven't had the internet access to fully see what the magazine is all about, but you can find a link here. I'll be posting sporadically (as if that's not what I've been doing anyway) while in Coral Springs...

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