Monday, October 15, 2007

Helen Hill's "Your New Pig Is Down The Road" (1999)

One of my regrets is that I missed my chance to see the films of Helen Hill when they were shown at REDCAT here in Los Angeles earlier this month. Hill was an important filmmaker and activist in New Orleans who received national attention for all the wrong reasons when she was killed (and her husband wounded) in January in their home in the Marigny. The reviewer for the L.A. Weekly who previewed the REDCAT retrospective referred to Hill's 1999 film Your New Pig Is Down The Road as "exuberant, with brilliant flashes of cheerful daisies superimposed on a baby pig--a love letter [to Hill's husband, Paul Gaillunas] perhaps unlike any other." I really wish I gotten to see it. There is lovely site paying tribute to Helen Hill here that lists other upcoming screenings of her playful, homemade animated films.

Today's image is of Hill, Gaillunas, and their pet pig Rosie in New Orleans in a clever parody of the Lucky Dog carts one sees all over the French Quarter. I found it here at the site of John Porter, another Super 8 filmmaker.

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