Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Crimes of a Canadian Pig Farmer

The big (and incredibly horrifying) story in Canada this week is the trial of Robert Pickton, a British Columbia pig farmer, for the murder of six women. The authorities have accused Pickton, 57, of killing 26 of more than 60 prostitutes and drug addicts who disappeared from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside from the late 1980s until late 2001. One of the Crown witnesses, Andrew Bellwood, testified late last week about how the accused told him of his method of luring, killing and disposing of the bodies of these women. You can read the Toronto Star account of Bellwood's graphic testimony here. According to this testimony, Pickton slaughtered the women as he would his pigs, then fed his victims to the animals to dispose of their remains. Shades of Mr. Wu's pigs, used to dispose of bodies in HBO's Deadwood.

I'll be able to follow this on-going trial next week, as I'm off to Seattle and Vancouver until July 27th. While I'm gone, keep up with all the bad news in history via Axis of Evel Knievel. Its proprietor took today's photo while on his vacation earlier this month...

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