Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hogzilla, The Movie

Mr. Sidetable forwarded me an article (here) about the production of a low-budget indie horror film to be titled The Legend of Hogzilla that will use Chris Griffin, who shot the "real" hogzilla as its "hog expert." Apparently they want to use locals in the cast and crew, meaning I'll have to see if I can head back to Georgia and land a part in this production. That would be most excellent.

The photo to the left is of the original hogzilla, of course. As you may know, a subsequent investigation by National Geographic (here) determined that this beast was part wild boar and part feral domestic pig and weighed about 800 pounds, a far cry from the original claims. There's more about the photo and the story at Snopes.com (here), including a lovely image of a float at the first annual "Hogzilla Festival" in Alapaha, Georgia.

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