Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pig Crop Circle

In July 2006 the Daily Mail reported that a gigantic crop circle in the shape of a pig had appeared in a field southwest of Junction 9 on the M11 in the English countryside. The article failed to speculate whether this pig had human or extra-terrestrial origins, noting only that "crop circles have been baffling scientists, farmers and the general public for years." As it turns out, however, this 250m-wide pig was created as part of a team-building exercise by Black Pig, a Royston and London-based creative services agency. Sarah-Jane Higgins, the Managing Director of Black Pig, noted:
It really is unexplainable but has made a huge impact in the area. It looks fantastic, whoever or whatever created the pattern has clearly worked hard to put it there and it is amazing that it is in the same year as our 10th birthday - how bizarre!
There are some excellent photos of this crop circle, both in its finished version and as a work-in-progress, on the Black Pig site.


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